Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Bettie

I know, I know... I haven't blogged in ages. I hope you'll forgive me, it's just been a little nutty around here. So. The latest news is that I've had to leave the comfort of my home to go get a job. While most of you know that I do hair on the side to bring in extra money, and just because I love it, this doesn't actually really bring in very much income. Times are hard for a lot of people right now and the bombshell family is no exception. Since Mr. B works in the loan business and that business isn't doing the greatest during this economic season I decided it'd be a great time for me to go out and get a job. So I started the hunt for the perfect salon. Talk about an overwhelming job, weeding through the hundreds of salons in the Portland area. After cutting out all the lease salons I starting thinking about my avalaibility and the schedules most salon owners want you to work. I wanted weekends and evenings off and they want you to work evenings and weekends. I wanted a part time schedule and they want you to work full time. I also have to think about the cost of childcare for miss bombshell in training.
My first idea was to open my own salon with a dear friend. Bombshell Beauty Boutique. I have it all planned out in my mind, and while I know it can happen someday, and really be a successful business... I think now is just not the time to be starting that kind of venture. Namely because I'm broke and it will require more of my time than I'm willing to give right now.
While mulling over all my options I went into the beauty school I graduated from for an amazing facial, I asked one of the instructors who is also a friend of mine, what salons she thought might be good for me to work in. She suggested I just come work at the school. My first reaction to this, was of course, no. But then I started thinking about it.... why not? I love doing hair. I would have evenings off and Sundays, which is close to the schedule I wanted... I love to teach people. And wouldn't I have been so jazzed to see a young knowledgeable instructor at the school when I was going? The more I thought about it the more excited I got and I started working on the childcare details, and then went to apply for the job.
And as you may have guessed I got it! Its really a work/school situation because I have to do 1000 hours of cadet instruction and then take the state test to be an official instructor. Since I'm a former student they offered me free books and tuition plus pay for the times that I am subbing and I was able to negotiate getting paid for all the hours I'm there so I can cover my chilcare costs! So my official instructor title is Miss Bettie, and while my feet and legs are killing me(thanks to that pesky plantar fasciitis) I am loving my new job.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm meltiiiiiiiiiiiing......

And no I'm not the wicked witch of the west.... my kids probably think I am though cuz I'm really cranky right now. My house is 90 degrees. At 9:30 pm..... Uhg.
I hate everyone with air conditioning right now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Note to Self...

Don't do drastic color changes on anyone when they come over for dinner. They might not actually WANT what they think they do.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knitting Freak

So I've become somewhat of a knitting freak and I don't really care. I have never really cared if I'm weird, different or curious to other people as long as I do it well. Ok, so I do care a little.... but I'm pretty secure in my knitting. So I just knitted this adorable baby hat for my hare krishna friend, to her 100% natural fiber specifications and while I was frustrated by my color choices I think that pumpkin actually turned out really cute, and she totally loved it. Yay!

Soon to come... pictures of the hubby in his crocheted grandpa hat and then one of me in my little flapper amelia earhart style hat.... I just need to snap the pictures. I suppose I should put up Stephen's rad scarf, as well....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Oh my GOSH!!!!! I am sitting at my computer nearly having an anxiety attack right now. Its not like I don't have enough on my plate, but we have this major carpet beetle problem. I don't see the beetles often, and I don't even see the larvae, but my clothes are getting ruined in a matter of a few washes from these stupid things. So a couple weeks ago I vaccuumed like a madwoman and sprayed and washed EVERYTHING in my room. That helped. However, I think a new batch of larvae hatched. And they are eating everything. Its like... holes in my brand new clothing!!!
The worst part of it is that I feel all trashy all the time because all my clothes have big old holes, and there is no point in buying new clothes because the damn beetles will eat through them all.
I feel like crying. :(

Monday, April 28, 2008

I know, I know

it's been ages since I posted a thing. I'm really bad at blogging. Anywho...
Soon(this depends on Angie..) I will be posting up some pictures from a photo shoot I did(Angie was the master behind the camera) with a few girls after I did their hair and makeup. It turned out incredibly good and it was hard to narrow down the pictures. Even though she's not done editing the first batch, I'm actually hoping to do another batch in the near future because I just hacked off a bunch more hair and the results were fantastic.
On the family side of things...
We are doing fantastic. I'm so incredibly thankful for the awesome husband I have, and the great kids. I feel completely blessed, really satisfied and happier than I've been in AGES! Woo!!!
Ok so... I'm getting my house crazy organized which, if you know me very well, does not come easily. However, I really think and function much better when everything is in it's place and not crowding up my mind. Amazingly enough, most of the things in my house are finding a home... either in a drawer/closet/cabinet/file folder or in the trash/recycling bins. It feels so so so good. In fact, I'm loving the organization so much I've decided to go help a friend get organized too. So that's what I'm off to do today. Organize her house and do her hair.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Speaking of bombshells...

I dropped one the other day...
No longer a dark ominous cloud looming overhead, making it too dark to see clearly and pouring out its storms over my life whenever the winds change. Hard and deep it fell...
riping a hole through the already stark landscape. The rippling waves of power killing off what was left of the destructive locus who fed on what was once rich vegetation. It did not pause to spare the the shell of what was built long ago... knocking down the walls once filled with love and life and laughter. And as I sat staring at the destruction I myself had caused I felt a peace come out of the darkness. A light shining over that which was now laid bare. There out of the debris like a beacon among the waste was the foundation upon which the house was built. And a peace settled across the land, the foundation glistening in the dawn of a new day, bringing with it the hope of the restoration that would come with hard work and determination.